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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Voter Fraud: Oh Ye of Little Faith

As we all know, many Dems in Ohio could be trying to attempt voter fraud. Well according to what I just heard on Fox and Friends In the Morning (Weekend Edition) the Republicans, without most people’s knowledge, have hired 10k plus poll workers to monitor voting in Ohio. I say way to go GOP. Although they won’t stop everyone, I am sure this move by the Republicans will make many fraud attempters to rethink their course.

What is really getting me though is that this is necessary. To think that anyone, Dem or Rep, Left or Right, would try to cheat the election. It boils my blood to know that this has, can, and probably will happen. Well, I guess all I can say is that at least I am secure enough in my favored candidate to not need to attempt to cheat. I say to those who attempt this for Kerry: Oh ye of little Faith, your candidate will not win anyway, save your energy for something with a better chance of accomplishing something, and a little more legal.


Robert Shaw
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Bush: The Solid Choice

When the elections of 2000 were going I was still too young to vote. But I made the effort to keep in touch with things. I didn’t want Bush to win, I had grown up and learned everything I knew about politics (very little at that time I’m afraid), during the Clinton years. So in my young and misguided mind I wanted Gore to win. And I thought it was robbery when Bush got the job. But I was sorely mistaken in my views.

I have come to see Bush as a man with backbone. He stood strong against those who said he cheated to get the election, and carried on with his plans. He was starting to do a pretty good job too, until that fateful day on 9/11/2001. I was devastated, as were most Americans, and afraid because I thought for sure Bush was going to crumble and we would be in one heap of trouble. Again I was mistaken.

This man, when he heard the news, took it stoically, continued to read to the kids he visited, and after he was finished he began what I see as one of the finest responses an unprepared leader could give. He spoke to us, his people, with brave and inspiring words. And they lifted us up. He gave us examples of bravery by so quickly visiting those on the scene. And that lifted us up. He showed us he was as deeply troubled as we were, but told us that we must go on for the better of our country. And that lifted us up. He made the promise to find those responsible and show them their folly. “The people who knocked these buildings down will hear ALL of us soon.” And that lifted us up.

Bush showed me and the rest of the world that he had a backbone of steel. That he was willing to flex the unconceivable might of the US armed forces not only to protect us, but to avenge us. He showed that the best interest of the American people, and not the UN was most important.

Bush also showed that he wasn’t as dumb as some of us (I deeply apologize to him now for that, I was foolish at the time) thought. He showed that the country under his lead could multi-task! Bush and his very valuable aides not only ran this war, but at the same time brought our country out of the Red Hole that 9/11 threw us into. Anti-Bush rhetoric would lead you to believe that Bush caused all the “job loss” and “economy failure” that they say happened during his term. Well considering that bush has had to fight through the economic slowdown of the mid 2000 before he was in office, terrorist attacks (9/11), and the war on terrorism, of course the economy went to hell for awhile. And because of that many jobs were lost. The gains that Bush has made since then has been staggering.

For example let me take most of the article posted at The Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council Webpage. Written by Raymond J. Keating, who is the chief economist for the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council. Reading this article we see that Bush actually had Job Growth in his first term. Taken from the household survey of employment, Bush had a growth of 3.8 million jobs from January 2002 to September 2004.

This is why I will vote for Bush, a man who I know where he stands and why he stands there. And can still get things done.


Robert Shaw

Friday, October 22, 2004

TigerHawk: The decision to invade Iraq in retrospect


This is a very well written article supporting the decision to invade Iraq. I highly suggest you read it. But prepare yourself for a long one. Also be sure to check out the comments on the bottom. Several good posts in there, including one from my father, user name: shaw, and one by yours truly....;)


Robert Shaw

"Only With UN Approval"

This is taken from www.townhall.com
Townhall.com 's The ConservativeLog: "From an article in today's Washington Post on John Kerry's approach to foreign policy:

Kerry's belief in working with allies runs so deep that he has maintained that the loss of American life can be better justified if it occurs in the course of a mission with international support. In 1994, discussing the possibility of U.S. troops being killed in Bosnia, he said, 'If you mean dying in the course of the United Nations effort, yes, it is worth that. If you mean dying American troops unilaterally going in with some false presumption that we can affect the outcome, the answer is unequivocally no.'"

For a concrete example of how this might play out, we turn to Park Sang-seek, a Korean "peace studies" academic, who writes (with apparent approval) in the Korea Herald:

"Kerry is likely to rely on the United Nations in dealing with any future crises in Northeast Asia and the Korean Peninsula. Take a hypothetical situation in the Korean Peninsula: it is discovered that North Korea has experimented with nuclear weapons or exported nuclear materials to hostile nations or terrorist groups. Bush may make a surgical strike without consulting South Korea and the United Nations. Kerry is likely to try to solve the issue through multilateral forums, particularly the United Nations."


The first part of this is directly from the man who would wish to be our President. He seems to think that the UN knows best how we Americans should protect ourselves, or die in the name of the greater world good. So I was just wondering what Sen. Kerry would say if terrorists from, say, Syria attacked us in the US, and the UN said we couldn't retaliate. If he listened to the UN, like he says he would, then how could he say that he has the best interests of America at heart. He would probably be the first president to be impeached (fully kicked out of office) if that happened. I don't think Americans would stand for it. If he didn't listen to the UN and retaliated anyway, then he reveals himself as lying to get the vote. Of course he would have to retaliate, and so just by simply saying what he is saying shows how he is trying to mislead us.

Kerry says no unilateral action, and no action without prior UN approval. Well if the above situation happened (very unlikely since Bush is fighting this War in the terrorist’s house instead of letting them come here), Americans wouldn't give a damn if we had a single ally, we would demand action. Even if our great allies in Britain wouldn't go with us, and I believe they will be the last nation to ever turn its back on us, retaliation would be the priority, second only the rescuing of any survivors.

I will let you all in now on what I think will happen if Kerry gets into office. As you can tell I don't like him. I think of him as a liar who takes whatever stand he thinks will help him best politically. If Kerry gets into office the US would quickly fall into a pit unfulfilled promises, allies we turned our backs on (Kerry has already called our current allies bullied and coerced nations, another outrageous lie), and terrorist taking new liberties with our lives. He has not the backbone or moral strength needed to control this situation let alone bring it to a favorable end. In other words if Kerry wins it will not only meet with UN approval, but terrorist approval as well.

Thank you,

Robert Shaw

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Operation Clark County????

I was reading some blogs suggested to me by my father when I read about this. Apparently there is an online newspaper over in the United Kingdom that is trying to “Influence” the outcome of our Elections. The folks at Guardian Unlimited purchased the registration list from Clark County, Ohio and gave the names and address to any of their readers that requested one so that they could write them a letter trying to convince them to vote for Sen. John Kerry! Now I love the British people, they have supported us in the past and a lot in this war, and Tony Blair is one of my favorite politicians. And I know that the British are not to blame for this attempted sabotage. So what I have to say here is not to all the British people, but only to those at the Guardian and any of their readers in Europe who take part.

We do not need your help. We know far better than you do how to elect our own officials. We learn more about them every day, and we know exactly what it is that WE look for in a President. We wouldn’t presume to tell you who to choose for your Prime Minister, or who to elect into your parliament. Why? Because we don’t have the insight into what affects your lives. We don’t know about their plans and how they would involve you. And frankly we don’t care about your internal politics. We worry about our own, and we let the people WE elect worry about who YOU elect.

How can you presume to know what would be for our best interests? Are you that egomaniacal and self righteous? To dare to try and influence the elections of a country you obviously know little about since you even think this would work is an complete insult to not only to us as Americans, but to the alliance the many of us hold so dear. I hold you in the utmost contempt, and hope that the flood of hate mail you get from the folks over at Tim Blairs Blog shows you the folly of attempting to meddle in things you don't have a place in. If you want to be part of the American elections you are more than welcome to move here and apply for citizenship.

Tim Blair runs a Blog over at www.spleenville.com. Check out his Operation Guardian Guerrilla, a direct response to the Guardian Unlimited and it Operation Clark County.

I want to hear from any readers about this, what do you think of the Guardian Unlimited and its attempt to influence American politics?

Thanks, Robert Shaw

Only If You Vote

Even in my little town I hear people complain all day long about "this politician did that," or "that senator did this" and even "I hate the President!" Well my town only had a 20 percent turnout for the 2000 elections and only a 14 percent turnout for the 2002 elections (must have been because it wasn't a presidential year....). So every time I hear something like this I ask the speaker who they voted for, to which I often get the answer "I didn't vote." Now that, my friends, is scandalous. You can not complain about the activities of an elected official if you didn't even participate in the process that brought that person to the position!!

Here is my reasoning. Voting is a right that many people have died to ensure we have, a right that you as a person can choose to make use of or not. Every vote counts, every vote matters, and every vote can make a difference. You vote on many things, the most prominent thing being the leaders that make the decisions. And if you do vote that gives you the right to praise, complain, give your opinion, curse the decision, protest or whatever else you want to do about whatever happens, so long as you remain in the legal boundaries. But as far as I am concerned if you take not the effort to register and vote then you have given up your right to comment on the results, you did nothing to try to influence it.

So if you wish to participate in anything said above, or comment on anything I write in this Blog from now until eternity, please feel free to. But only if you vote. Because if you don't care enough to do something that we had to earn, then I don't care to hear your opinion.

Thank you and Welcome to my Blog,

Robert Shaw